image PPG – Innovative Technology For The Protection Of Wind Turbines, PSX® 700

PPG – Innovative Technology For The Protection Of Wind Turbines, PSX® 700



Power plants are responsible for keeping our electricity-dependent societies switched on. The constant demand for energy means the power-consuming industry continues to grow – thereby increasing the vital need for energy supply across the globe.

At the same time, power generators often operate in highly corrosive environments with long periods of service before maintenance. This makes the power sector one of the most demanding for protective coatings users. Protecting these installations with the most effective long-term coating solution is crucial to meet the challenge of continuous operation in such aggressive conditions.

PPG helps energy producers meet this challenge with proven SIGMA COATINGS® products that make plant and equipment last longer, work better, and lower ongoing maintenance costs – even in some of the world’s harshest environments.

All parts of the industry benefit from the unrivaled experience and expertise that PPG has gained over many years in the power sector. This knowledge, constantly renewed through intensive R&D, ensures that we provide world-class, heavy-duty coatings ideally suited for the specific needs found in a range of power sectors:

  • Fossil fuel
  • Hydroelectric
  • Nuclear
  • Transmission
  • Wind

The SIGMA COATINGS range includes innovative products that provide safety, ease and speed of application, and are recognized to increase productivity and improve profitability in power applications worldwide.